Frocks for Frocktails

Looking for your next Frocktails outfit idea? Whether you are a sewist newby or a well seasoned seamstress there are so many great options for you to choose from when it comes to making your frock. The best part about our sewing community? Even if you just make a woven top/skirt you will receive so much support and encouragement that you will leave Frocktails wanting to sew more. 

As we mentioned above, if you are a beginner, you could make something simple like a top or skirt made of woven materials. Our friends at The Fold Line wrote a wonderful article about some of the different patterns to make.

The Fold Line – Beginner Sewing Patterns for Dressmakers

Wanting to push your sewing boundaries? Your makes don’t need to be the most complicated thing. You could simply sew an Ogden Cami out of velvet, sequin, or silk, use a different material to recreate your favorite make to up your sewing game. 

But if you are really looking to take things up a notch and have some free time on your hands, go for that complicated pattern, sew those jeans (Dawn Jeans, Ash Jeans, Ginger Jeans, Morgan Jeans), make that Rumana Coat or Anna Dress. Sew for the stars and make the most frosting of an outfit you’ve ever wanted to make. 

Still need a little inspiration here are some past makes from our 2020 Committee Members that will just have you swooning for more.

Have a favorite pattern or two that you just can’t live without? Just hack it into something new like the wonderful Kelcey.

Constantly lusting after ready to wear? Let it inspire your make like Ashley and her multicolor Blackwood Cardigan.

Why have an outfit for just one occasion? Juli made a totally versatile dress that could be dressed up or down depending on what her day requires.

We can’t forget out our #menwhosew ! Adam has so many great makes to share. Short on time? Make a bow tie! OR make a killer Finlayson Sweater.

And at the end of the day if you find you don’t have time to make a new garment or you are just starting out that’s ok. Frocktails is a place for you to wear your most favorite outfit you’ve made or hope to recreate in a more sustainable way. It’s a place for you to meet other sewist from the community and gain copious amounts of inspiration. 

Whatever you decide on wearing to our Frocktails event we hope that you feel confident, comfortable, and welcomed in our community of garment sewists.

Note: Some of the pattern designers mentioned above are Community sponsors of the 2020 Chicago Frocktails. 

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